Flood Risk Assessment

Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment

Our experienced team will identify the potential flood risk to your site and carry out the appropriate level of assessment and reporting for the proposed development to accompany a planning application. This may include:

  • Desktop assessment
  • Site walkover and surveying
  • Assessment of Fluvial, Pluvial, Coastal and Groundwater Flooding
  • Hydraulic Modelling of Rivers and Pluvial flows using HEC-RAS, Flood Modeller and Infoworks ICM software
  • Assessment & Design of Flood Mitigation Measures
  • Prepare a Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment Report in accordance with ‘The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Local Authorities (2009)’

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

We have the experience and expertise to prepare strategic level assessments in the preparation of County Development Plans, Local Area Plans and Masterplans for Local Authorities.

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