GSI/NFGWS Drinking Water Source Catchment Projects – countrywide

IE Consulting are currently undertaking several Drinking Water Source Catchment Projects for private group water schemes across the country in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Ireland and the National Federation of Group Water Schemes.

Management and implementation of the projects includes:

  • Initial desk study to collate available geological, hydrogeological, hydrological, topographical data etc.
  • Site visit and walkover with GSI and GWS personnel to inspect the GWS borehole(s) and surrounding area, assess existing well head protection, obtain groundwater level measurements, operational data for the boreholes, assess topography, hydrology/drainage, subsoils, bedrock and identify potential sources of pollution in the area;
  • Review of previous hydrogeological work undertaken (geophysics, trial well drilling, etc);
  • Collation and assessment of available raw and treated water quality data;
  • Delineation of zone of contribution for the borehole(s);
  • Preparation of draft report with recommendations for well head improvement works, ongoing monitoring & further work to refine ZOC and reduce uncertainty with ZOC boundaries;
  • Preparation of final report after review process with GSI;
  • Delivery of presentation on the ZOC report to GWS personnel.